National Mortgage Scheme (NMS)

The objective of the NMS is to develop standardised mortgage schemes that are “white-labelled” by banks and SDIs for sale to the public. To that end, NMS was set up in 2018 with three participating banks and piloted a solution to address the challenges of homeownership in Ghana. The NMS is structured around the blended finance concept where NHF provides concessionary funding.

This is matched equally with commercial financing by the participating banks contributing at market rate (T+3 ...

Affordable Housing Real Estate Investment Trust (REITs) Rent-to-Own Scheme

The objectives of the rent-to-own schemes is to develop a national system of rental schemes that are standardised and “white-labelled” by Asset Management Companies (AMCs) and sold to the public. The product will be more competitively priced than traditional rental systems and will make homeownership more accessible to the lower and middle class. The flexibility of the REITs concept will allow for the listing on the stock exchange and pension fund investment in this scheme. The scale-up p ...

National Homeownership Fund

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